Equiflex Flooring

One thing that all folks in the livestock industry can agree on, is that SAFETY and care for our animals is the number one priority! Equiflex trailers floors are a great way to help protect your animals from unnecessary injury and stress during travel.

Equiflex is a recycled rubber flooring that is designed to totally replace traditional rubber mats in your trailer. Custom poured to each trailer, the final product is more shock absorbent, SEAMLESS, SLIP-RESISTANT, AND PERMANENT. Whether you haul for a living or just on the weekends, you can benefit from having Equiflex Flooring installed in your trailers.

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Equiflex Flooring photos Equiflex Flooring photos Equiflex Flooring photos Equiflex Flooring photos Equiflex Flooring photos Equiflex Flooring


Just picked my trailer up from 5 CR Trailers after getting the new Equiflex Flooring put in. It looks amazing, and I can't wait for my horses to have a smoother ride now! Thank You CW Conner!!" - Stacee Collier, Reno, NV
A very big thank you to CW on the Equifliex install on my trailer. I had been wanting to get this flooring for a while, and was very happy to hear he was going to be an installer as I like sending business to good people. CW was very friendly during the whole process and kept me informed as to the installing details and timeline. He was also very accommodating as I live 2 hours away, and able to work around my schedule for drop off and pick up. I am beyond happy with how the floor turned out, and will recommend to anyone in need. Thank you to CW for all of your help and great customer service with my new Equiflex!
Equiflex flooring installation


Equiflex -  before installation

Installation Steps


1. Clean and wash floor
2. Drill 3/8" drain holes
3. Acidize floor
4. Rinse and dry


1. Apply bonding epoxy
2. Mix rubber flooring compound
3. Apply rubber flooring compound 1" thick


1. Cure 48-72 hours
2. Rinse flooring


Equiflex - after installation

Did you know we also install EQUIFLEX in:

1. Stables and Barns
2. Stalls and Wash Bays
3. Vet Clinics
4. Mobile Installs

If you have friends that would like to install Equiflex Flooring, host a trailer install and earn money toward the purchase of your new trailer flooring. We travel for minimum number of installs. Call or email us for details: 775-336-8959 | cw@5cranch.com