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It all started when a passion for the western industry was met with the need to create unparalled quality in horse trailers. Since 1998 Twister Trailer has continued to create the premier trailers in the industry. Constructed only from the highest quality materials and custom made components, it is no surprise why Twister is the most reliable trailer on the market today.

Strength, Innovation, and Customization are the qualities that make Twister Trailers an industry leader. For two decades, their reputation for quality, comfort, and style defines what makes a Twister Trailer. Each Twister Trailer is designed to customer specifications from layout to finish. Their trailers are built to withstand tough road conditions and keep your horses safe and comfortable doing so. They pride themselves on meeting their customers changing needs and expectations. Their trailer line continually evolves with collaborations from dealers and customers to refine designs and options. Their dealer network is experienced in the trailer design process, along with the support they offer to include their engineering and sales departments.